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Heleecus featured on Curltureuk Black Owned Favourites of 2017

Sonyial Lee

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Jay & Tri


2018 started with a bang for Heleecus when we got a notification that we were featured in Jay & Tri from Curltureuk end of year YouTube video on Black Owned favourites for 2017. 

Jay and Tri are based in London they're friends who embarked on a journey together, to make a positive change within their community.  They lunched their brand Curlture in March 2014 and have made a great impact to their community thus far. Their brand focuses on embracing their "black culture" from hair care to supporting black owned business. They're passionate about the black community and believe in support, growth and unity. 

Our Dangle Choker was selected and featured in their video. Jay and Tri expressed how much they love their chokers. Jay particularly loved the "retro vibe" of the choker and the dangle fabric charm. Where Tri highlights the versatility in the different band colours available. 

Online at you can purchase your very own choker. Where you can choose up to 4 colours to create your own unique chocker with a selection of 3 band colours available. All of our handmade item comes in a muslin pouch, perfect for gifting and keeping your item clean when not worn. 

Emerald Island - Montserrat, West Indies

Sonyial Lee

HELEECUS ventures to the West Indies

March 2017

For two weeks our founder Sonyial Lee traded in city life in London for Island bliss in Montserrat, West Indies! Sonyial travelled to her birthplace: a small, volcanic island situated in the West Indies – measuring approximately 16 km long and 11 km wide, with approximately 40 km of coastline. This sounds like paradise right?

Montserrat’s culture is greatly influenced by its African descendants, as well as, its Irish ancestry. The national dish of Montserrat is “goat water” a traditional and meaty stew served with a bread roll (yummy). Montserrat is nicknamed The Emerald Isle of the Caribbean both for its resemblance to coastal Ireland and for the Irish ancestry of many of its inhabitants. Montserrat is the only Caribbean island to celebrate St Patrick’s Day due to Irish ancestry. This day is full of joy and laughter; where local people perform a local dance called “Masquerade” - a celebration of Montserrat’s ancestors (and their freedom from slavery).

During Sonyial’s visit home she explored Montserrat’s breathtaking, harmonious, sandy beaches, Botanical and Herbal garden (where the national flower Heliconia can be discovered) and The Soufrière Hills Volcano. Sonyial also attended an array of St Patrick’s Day Festival events with the locals: Miss St Patrick’s Cultural Pageant (Cultural Centre), National Awareness Day (attendees dressed in outfits created with the national Madras fabric), and Heritage Parade (HELEECUS exhibited). 

HELEECUS was welcomed warmly by the lovely locals and we're so grateful for all the support - thank you! :)